Training / Gym Space-Heating

A large gym that we look after required a new ducted heater to provide heat into 2 rooms within their training area. Their old heating method had been condemned and was no longer safe to use.

Consideration of the space

We had to be conscious of the buildings integrity and make sure the customers needs were met. We utilised the existing flue penetration through the roof and used existing holes in walls to run our ducting. This minimised the effect to the customer meaning their business was not impacted by our install.

We chose to install a Powrmatic floor standing heater as this suited the customer with both space and fuel efficiency in mind.

Everyday practicalities

The heater had two adjustable heads directing warm into the same room as the heater and 2 ducted outlets passing warm air into a large open plan room next door.

The heater comes with a fuel optimisation controller built in. This allows the user full control over all aspects of the heating system including times and temperatures. Critically, due to the environment, the heaters controller is password protected – giving the customer full satisfaction that they have control over the desired temperature in their building.