Air Heating Solution for Large Building

A world leader in composite hose technology contacted us to provide heating in their new, semi permanent building. Due to the unusual makeup of the building, it needed to be thoroughly thought out and executed.

The building is split into 3 areas. We installed 2 heaters and 2 de-stratification fans to provide the heat the customer required. The flue arrangement needed special attention as the roof to the building was air filled for insulating purposes. Both heaters required horizontal flue installs and in one instance, an accurate calculation of flue length.

The de stratification fans will ensure this install works as efficiently as possible. The controller instructs the heaters to fire. The heaters blow warm air into the building and this rises and collects in the roof space. The de stratification fans detect this heat with an inbuilt thermostat and blow the air back down to ground level where it is needed. This, in turn, makes the thermostat in the controller realise the room is at the required temperature and the controller instructs the heater to go to standby. This cycle continues to keep the customers required temperature whilst saving them as much money on their energy bills.

If you want to learn more about de-stratification fans or have a site survey carried out by one of our specialists, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.