High Efficiency Hot Water Generation

One of our customers called with an urgent request to visit their site due to a severe leak on a gas fired hot water heater. Upon arriving on site our engineer established the heater had a cracked heat exchanger, allowing water to pass into the combustion chamber and onto the plant room floor. We isolated the appliance and made it safe.

We discussed options with our customer that included like for like replacements or our recommendation, a new energy efficient way of generating hot water.

Clients’ Wishes

The customer chose the new approach using Renai water heaters which will save the customer up to 35% on their gas usage. This system utilises two Renai water heaters working in tandem with each other. They share workload via a communication link between the two boilers. This install provides hot water at the desired temperature to 30 hot water outlets across 3 floors.

How We Realized The Idea And Beyond

This method also enables the customer to introduce further energy efficiencies to the system at a later date. It is well and truly ‘future proof’. The Renai boilers can accept preheated water from a solar thermal system. This would mean the boilers don’t have to raise the temperature of the water by such a large temperature difference, meaning an even greater saving in gas usage.