Computerised Controls, Cheshire County Sports Centre

The Cheshire County Sports Club is a huge complex based in Chester and has had an ongoing challenge controlling the sites extensive range of boilers, AHU’s, pumps and valves. This building has various different uses ranging from an indoor sports, functions, canteen, snooker room, bar and office space. A building operating so many avenues of the business requires a very versatile control system.

Jigsaw FM offers a building management system that can control all of these areas independently and much more. The system is accessed from as many devices as is required and it allows easy control of the buildings heating and cooling systems. It can be logged into via the internet making it easy to share around colleagues who may need access.

The system displays visually temperatures and the status of appliances within the building. It monitors the outside temperature ensuring the correct method of heating and cooling is optimised.

This has enabled the Cheshire to manage its HVAC system all from one place. It is already and will continue to reduce energy costs across the site.