Combi-Boiler Installation, Liverpool

We were approached by a local consultancy firm and asked if we would like to work alongside them to provide a new plant room install for a nursery within the Arch Diocese Of Liverpool. After looking at the design and agreeing with both the arch diocese and the consultancy firm, we began work on the plant room during half term.

The pictures show a before and after… The old plant room had a boiler just doing the heating and an Andrews Water Heater doing the hot water. This approach was not only old fashioned but also very inefficient.

We drained down both systems and cleared the plant room. Whilst the system was drained down we cured some internal issues for the nursery. We fitted high-level air vents to prevent any air being trapped in the system, we fitted TMV’s under each sink so that the temperature of the water could be managed accurately and we flushed out the old cast iron radiators to make sure they are working to their full potential.

We installed a combi-boiler that has the capability to do both heating and hot water. This was fitted with a pressurisation unit, which saves the facilities manager having to top up the pressure if any is lost. We also fitted a new control system to both the boiler and the gas supply. The controller on the boiler had an external weather compensator which means, when it’s cold outside it tells the boiler to modulate higher than when it’s warmer outside – saving a huge amount in energy bills. The control system on the gas supply interlocked with the fire alarm so that in the event of a fire being detected in the boiler room, the gas supply automatically shuts off.

We continued in fitting time saving and money saving additions to the system with an air and dirt separator and a dosing pot. These two items mean that when adding anything to the system, it’s easy to do so and the system will spill out air and dirt on its own.

The system was fully lagged upon completion and has been operational now for 3months. The nursery has noticed a saving on their energy bills and a more controlled, manageable temperature within the building.

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