Computerised Controls

Jigsaw FM offers a comprehensive building management system that is capable of controlling your boilers, air handling units, air-conditioning, lighting and virtually anything else that you need. In addition to its incredible versatility, it can be accessed via the internet at as many laptops or desktops as you deem necessary.

The benefits of such a system have saved many of our customers' thousands of pounds in through reduced energy bills. The system gives graphically displayed, real time and historical energy use and temperatures around your building. From this, you can see peak times of use along with times when energy is being wasted.

Components of your system such as zone valves, pumps and much more can all be monitored and any issue can be easily identified without the need for extensive exploration of boiler rooms or loft spaces.

For more information on a fully installed, computerised control system, please get in touch today.


jjigsaw fm computerised control