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Solar Thermal Heating Solutions

At Jigsaw FM, we can provide industrial, and commercial solar thermal solutions, in Chester and throughout the North West, which are designed to help you to heat your water using the sun’s energy. Investing in our solar thermal solutions can get you earning 9.2 pence from the Government for every kilowatt of heat energy generated from our solar thermal systems. From farms and doctors’ surgeries to hospitals and factories, there are a number of environments where switching to renewable and free energies could make a significant difference to both your energy consumption and your commercial heating bills. From farmers cleaning dairy equipment to medical staff sterilising equipment, and hairdressers washing hair, many businesses depend on having a reliable source of hot water, and harnessing the sun’s energy is the most efficient way of heating your water.

Commercial solar heating systems feature the same components as those used in domestic properties, but these components, such as the thermal storage, heat exchanger, and piping are simply larger. These parts are proportional to the collector array, which is used to preheat the water, and which is supported by a backup heater to ensure that you will always have access to hot water, even on a cloudy day.


Solar Thermal Applications

Solar water heating is suitable for use in a wide range of commercial environments. Jigsaw FM have set up solar thermal systems in Chester and surrounding areas, within the North West, for a variety of different clients. Locations, where this technology can be implemented, include; hotels, restaurants, apartment buildings, car washes, recreation centres, senior citizen residences and hospitals.

To learn more about how solar water heating could transform both your energy consumption and your bills, get in touch with Jigsaw FM today. We will be happy to talk you through our services, answer any questions, or help to find the best solutions for your commercial premises.