Commercial Air Conditioning Installation & Maintenance

In the workplace, air conditioning is no longer considered a luxury. Instead, it is a necessity in server-rooms, food preparation areas and the like. Employers can also see real benefits of maintaining a comfortable working environment through increased production with research proving that as the office or factory temperature rises; staff performance falls. Should you have a problem with high temperatures; Jigsaw FM will have an air conditioning solution.


ArtCool Units...

Traditionally, air conditioning indoor units have been prime examples of function winning over form – but now that tradition has been broken. Ultra-slim, uncluttered and minimalist Art Cool transforms air conditioning indoor units from being simply a means to an end to become an object of desire – even when it’s not operating, people notice it, perfectly blending in with any environment. The ultra slim indoor unit is only 145mm deep. Art Cool’s beauty, though, is far more than skin deep. For behind its slimline profile and clean lines is one of the most efficient, effective and advanced air conditioning units but what would you expect from the world’s top selling air conditioning manufacturer for five consecutive years. Making Art Cool the only air conditioning unit that’s as easy to the eye as it is good at its job – the coolest thing on the market. We are able to install air conditioning in Cheshire, Manchester, Warrington as well as UK-wide!


Wall or Floor Mounted Units

Wall or Floor Mounted Units are ideal for many different applications such as restaurants or offices. The air conditioning systems are available with a heating option and remote control. These systems can be connected to one single outdoor unit with multiple indoor units. Ceiling Suspended Units are used primarily when floor or wall space is not an option. They are also very quiet in operation and can be mounted directly on the ceiling or suspended from the ceiling. These systems are operated via keypad remote controls or wall-mounted control panels.


Ceiling Mounted Cassette...

Mounted into the suspended ceiling, these systems are ideal for any commercial premises. The space saving design and smooth, clean lines make them a popular choice for many offices and shops. These systems are operated via remote keypad or wall-mounted control panel.

Ducted Systems

These systems can be concealed within the ceiling void and can heat/cool over large areas as the air is carried to ceiling mounted diffusers via ductwork above the ceiling. The diffuser grilles allow uniform temperature distribution in large or heavily partitioned areas.


All systems have the option of heat mode in addition to standard cooling only, and today's technologies result in extremely quiet operation with optimum energy savings on running costs. Jigsaw FM can install and maintain your air conditioning systems in the north west and UK-wide. Whether you are looking to install air conditioning, or you simply want your current air con system serviced/maintained - please contact us for more information.

Jigsaw FM can also assist with your heating requirements so you are covered for the cooler weather too - why not check out our space heating and boiler services

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