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A Guide To Industrial & Commercial Heating

Jigsaw FM’s Guide To Industrial & Commercial Heating

Jigsaw FM are the experts when it comes to industrial & commercial heating, and can supply and install many options for heating a large space such as a warehouse or factory. All of these has particular characteristics so it’s very important to understand the nature of the space being heated and the type of heating required in order to make the right decision.

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Top Tips For Winter - Jigsaw FM

Top Tips for Winter

Check out our top tips for Winter!

With the cold weather setting in many businesses will be relying on gas boilers and gas appliances to keep their employees warm this winter. This increased usage can put pressure on gas appliances and could lead to them breaking down when they are needed the most. To avoid this happening read below for our top tips for winter.

It’s vital that everyone has their gas appliances regularly serviced and safety checked every year to prepare them for the cold winter months.

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