Jigsaw FM are specialists in the design, installation & maintenance of commercial heating and cooling solutions in Chester, and throughout the North West.
We will also help you 'Do Your Bit' for the environment!
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  • Gym Heating Solutions - industrial & commercial heating
    27th October 2014
    Training / Gym Space-Heating
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  • High Efficiency Hot Water Generation Jigsaw FM
    27th October 2014
    High Efficiency Hot Water Generation
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  • jigsaw fm old blind school
    16th July 2015
    The Old Blind School, Liverpool
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  • ventilation and extraction Jigsaw FM
    16th July 2015
    Ventilation & Extraction
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  • Our projects Cheshire Country Sports Club
    3rd August 2015
    Computerised Controls, Cheshire County Sports Centre
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  • Combi Boiler Installation
    28th December 2016
    Combi-Boiler Installation, Liverpool
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  • 28th December 2016
    Air Heating Solution for Large Building
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  • Jigsaw Medical
    7th September 2017
    Air Conditioning for Jigsaw Medical
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  • Space Heater
    16th January 2018
    Bathstore Chester - Commercial Space Heating
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Why Jigsaw FM?


At the heart of our success is a commitment to delivering harmonised solutions that support our customer’s activities, drive cost from their business and add value to their operations. All this is combined with the genuine ethos of partnering to achieve mutual benefits for all parties and as a result we have formed long term relationships with many of our customers. Our priority is to understand each customer’s individual requirements and to build and deliver the right solution for single or multi site portfolios, this differentiates Jigsaw FM from other service providers in the North West of England.


We are not the biggest service provider, and we don’t want to be, but we are proud to be one of the best, with each team member being dedicated to customer satisfaction ensuring that we are “working for you, working for the environment” whilst being polite and punctual.


By means of a dedicated on going training program we can ensure that Jigsaw FM will continue to introduce the latest technology, radically reducing the carbon footprint of our customers whilst continuing our commitment to developing and training all team members on up to date legislation. Each team member is the future of Jigsaw FM.

Who We Are?

Jigsaw FM is part of The Jigsaw Group and is one of the North West’s leaders in energy efficient heating and cooling solutions for the industrial and commercial sector. We offer a unique combination of service expertise, from the design, installation and maintenance of local and renewable energy solutions, to finding the correct systems for our clients whilst making better use of energy and reducing environmental impacts. If you want to update your premises with efficient and reliable heating or air conditioning Chester, our expert team can help.

Investing in a new air conditioning system is a great way to ensure that your Chester based office or factory always remains cool and comfortable. Our speciality is helping our customers to find the most efficient ways to heat, cool and power their properties.