Heating production areas, storerooms and workshops to comfortable temperatures for personnel and to protect goods, but without wasting energy, can be achieved with a space heating design from Jigsaw FM. As specialists in space heating in Chester and the Wirral, you can trust our local team to help you to heat your building much more efficiently.

With today's modern energy-efficient heating technologies, there are a number of alternatives on the market that will provide the right level of warmth for different types of building.

The two most popular methods are:

  • Warm air heating
  • Radiant tube heating

In addition, over door air curtains will help contain warmth within a building, even when loading bay doors are open for long periods, whilst air source heat pumps can extract heat from the air to warm your building.


Warm Air Systems

For a flexible, low-cost solution for heating small to medium size premises, indirect gas-fired warm air systems are ideal.

This type of space heating offers real benefits in performance, reliability and value for money. It is up to 92% fuel efficient, reducing energy consumption and costs. Emission levels are very low, in line with the most stringent European standards. Indirect-fired systems answer a variety of heating and ventilation requirements. They may be used for heating only, heating and ventilation, heating and cooling or to provide summer ventilation - depending on the requirements of the building.


Radiant Tube Heating

Radiant heating works best in very large spaces, open plan buildings where rapid warm-up and heat recovery are required, and for premises where loading bay doors are open frequently or for long periods. Radiant heat works like the sun, warming people and solid objects in its path.

The heaters are mounted overhead in the roof space, yet the heat generated is felt most at the lowest two metres of the building - that is, where people are working and machinery is sited.

The efficiency of radiant tube systems can be increased even further by zoning the heaters - that is, enabling each one to be shut off individually if the area it serves is unoccupied.

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